Journal Article
. 1999 Oct; 5 Suppl 1:S55-6.
doi: 10.1258/1357633991932559.

Dynamic robotic telepathology: a preliminary evaluation on frozen sections, histology and cytology

V Delta Mea 1 P Cataldi  B Pertoldi  C A Beltrami  
  • PMID: 10534842
  •     7 citations


We evaluated the diagnostic efficacy of a dynamic robotic telepathology system for the delivery of pathology services to distant hospitals. The system provided static/dynamic features and the remote control of a robotic microscope using four ISDN lines. For evaluation purposes, 184 consecutive cases were diagnosed at distance using the system. The cases were 60 frozen sections, 64 cases of gastrointestinal pathology and 60 cases of urinary cytology. The telemedicine diagnoses obtained in this way were compared with traditional microscopic diagnosis. Diagnostic agreement ranged from 90% in urinary cytology to 100% in frozen sections. The results suggest that a dynamic robotic telepathology system can be a useful tool for supporting the pathology practice of isolated hospitals.

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