. 2000 Sep; 2(5):370-7.
doi: 10.1007/s11894-000-0036-6.

Malabsorption testing: a review

P M Ginsburg 1 P Janefalkar  D T Rubin  E D Ehrenpreis  
  • PMID: 10998664
  •     54 References


Malabsorption syndromes often present diagnostic dilemmas to even the most experienced clinicians. Several malabsorption screening tests are available, but d-xylose testing is our initial screening method of choice. Recent innovations such as serum assays for antibodies associated with celiac sprue are improving the work-up of patients with suspected malabsorption. In addition, physicians are applying technological advances in imaging to determine the underlying pathologies responsible for the occurrence of malabsorption and maldigestion. Breath testing remains a controversial modality in the work-up of patients with malabsorption. Tubeless tests of pancreatic function are also the subject of debate due to a lack of sensitivity for diagnosing mild to moderate chronic pancreatic insufficiency. This review identifies and provides critical analysis of new developments in the field of malabsorption testing. The authors also provide a clinical algorithm for diagnosing malabsorption.

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