Journal Article
. 2001 May; 21(3-4):161-7.
doi: 10.1155/2000/123057.

Comparison of different telepathology solutions for primary frozen section diagnostic

P Hufnagl 1 G Bayer  P Oberbamscheidt  K Wehrstedt  H Guski  S Hauptmann  M Dietel  
  • PMID: 11339563
  •     5 citations


In a retrospective study on a set of 125 cases we compared the following three telepathology solutions for primary frozen section diagnosis: ATM-TP (connection via ATM), TPS 1.0 (connection via LAN) and TELEMIC (connection via Internet), which represent different concepts of telepathological procedures. A set of 125 routine frozen sections (breast) was selected from the Charité cases of the year 1999. Four experienced pathologists diagnosed retrospectively all of these cases using the ATM-TP and TPS systems and 53 of them with the TELEMIC system. Using the ATM-TP we recorded no false positive (0%), 4 false negative (3.2%) and 4 deferred (3.2%) cases. Using the TPS we recorded no false positive (0%), 4 false negative (3.2%) and 4 deferred (3.2%) cases. Using the TELEMIC we recorded in 53 cases no false positive (0%), no false negative (0%) and 16 deferred (30.2%) cases. The average time of 2.2 minutes per case using ATM-TP is also short enough for routine frozen section diagnostic. This is also true for the TPS system with 7.2 minutes per case.

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