Journal Article
. 2002 May; 269(2):107-12.
doi: 10.1002/ar.10078.

Integrated approach to teaching and testing in histology with real and virtual imaging

Paul M Heidger 1 Fred Dee  Daniel Consoer  Timothy Leaven  James Duncan  Clarence Kreiter  
  • PMID: 12001217
  •     22 citations


The University of Iowa College of Medicine histology teaching laboratory incorporates extensive Web- and computer-based teaching modalities, including the Virtual Microscope (VM), as emerging learning aids in histology and pathology laboratory instruction. We report here our experience in offering a multiple resource-based approach to laboratory instruction while retaining the opportunity and requirement of examining actual microscopic slide preparations with the microscope. Acceptance of this approach has been high among our students and faculty, and performance levels established over years of teaching histology by traditional means have been maintained.

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