Journal Article
. 2005 Feb;365(9460).
doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(05)17947-1.

Gene-expression profiles to predict distant metastasis of lymph-node-negative primary breast cancer

Yixin Wang 1 Jan G M Klijn  Yi Zhang  Anieta M Sieuwerts  Maxime P Look  Fei Yang  Dmitri Talantov  Mieke Timmermans  Marion E Meijer-van Gelder  Jack Yu  Tim Jatkoe  Els M J J Berns  David Atkins  John A Foekens  
  • PMID: 15721472
  •     1156 citations


Background: Genome-wide measures of gene expression can identify patterns of gene activity that subclassify tumours and might provide a better means than is currently available for individual risk assessment in patients with lymph-node-negative breast cancer.

Methods: We analysed, with Affymetrix Human U133a GeneChips, the expression of 22000 transcripts from total RNA of frozen tumour samples from 286 lymph-node-negative patients who had not received adjuvant systemic treatment.

Findings: In a training set of 115 tumours, we identified a 76-gene signature consisting of 60 genes for patients positive for oestrogen receptors (ER) and 16 genes for ER-negative patients. This signature showed 93% sensitivity and 48% specificity in a subsequent independent testing set of 171 lymph-node-negative patients. The gene profile was highly informative in identifying patients who developed distant metastases within 5 years (hazard ratio 5.67 [95% CI 2.59-12.4]), even when corrected for traditional prognostic factors in multivariate analysis (5.55 [2.46-12.5]). The 76-gene profile also represented a strong prognostic factor for the development of metastasis in the subgroups of 84 premenopausal patients (9.60 [2.28-40.5]), 87 postmenopausal patients (4.04 [1.57-10.4]), and 79 patients with tumours of 10-20 mm (14.1 [3.34-59.2]), a group of patients for whom prediction of prognosis is especially difficult.

Interpretation: The identified signature provides a powerful tool for identification of patients at high risk of distant recurrence. The ability to identify patients who have a favourable prognosis could, after independent confirmation, allow clinicians to avoid adjuvant systemic therapy or to choose less aggressive therapeutic options.

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