Journal Article
. 2005 Jun; 112:190-7.

Radiosurgery planning supported by the GEMSS grid

J W Fenner 1 R A Mehrem  V Ganesan  S Riley  S E Middleton  K Potter  L Walton  
  • PMID: 15923728
  •     1 citations


GEMSS (Grid Enabled Medical Simulation Services IST-2001-37153) is an EU project funded to provide a test bed for Grid-enabled health applications. Its purpose is evaluation of Grid computing in the health sector. The health context imposes particular constraints on Grid infrastructure design, and it is this that has driven the feature set of the middleware. In addition to security, the time critical nature of health applications is accommodated by a Quality of Service component, and support for a well defined business model is also included. This paper documents experience of a GEMSS compliant radiosurgery application running within the Medical Physics department at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in the UK. An outline of the Grid-enabled RAPT radiosurgery application is presented and preliminary experience of its use in the hospital environment is reported. The performance of the software is compared against GammaPlan (an industry standard) and advantages/disadvantages are highlighted. The RAPT software relies on features of the GEMSS middleware that are integral to the success of this application, and together they provide a glimpse of an enabling technology that can impact upon patient management in the 21st century.

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