Journal Article
. 2009 Feb;27(8).
doi: 10.1200/JCO.2008.18.4028.

Docetaxel With Cyclophosphamide Is Associated With an Overall Survival Benefit Compared With Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide: 7-Year Follow-Up of US Oncology Research Trial 9735

Stephen Jones 1 Frankie Ann Holmes  Joyce O'Shaughnessy  Joanne L Blum  Svetislava J Vukelja  Kristi J McIntyre  John E Pippen  James H Bordelon  Robert L Kirby  John Sandbach  William J Hyman  Donald A Richards  Robert G Mennel  Kristi A Boehm  Wally G Meyer  Lina Asmar  Daniel Mackey  Stefan Riedel  Hyman Muss  Michael A Savin  
  • PMID: 19204201
  •     135 citations


Purpose: We previously reported that four cycles of docetaxel/cyclophosphamide (TC) produced superior disease-free survival (DFS) compared with four cycles of doxorubicin/cyclophosphamide (AC) in early breast cancer. Older women are under-represented in adjuvant chemotherapy trials. In our trial 16% of patients were > or = 65 years. We now report 7-year results for DFS and overall survival (OS) as well as the impact of age, hormone receptor status, and HER2 status on outcome and toxicity.

Patients And Methods: Patients were randomly assigned to receive either four cycles of standard-dose AC (60/600 mg/m(2); n = 510), or TC (75/600 mg/m(2); n = 506), administered by intravenous infusion every 3 weeks.

Results: The median age in women younger than 65, was 50 years (range, 27 to 64) and for women > or = 65 was 69 years (range, 65 to 77). Baseline characteristics in the two age subgroups were generally well matched, except that older women tended to have more lymph node involvement. At a median of 7 years follow-up, the difference in DFS between TC and AC was significant (81% TC v 75% AC; P = .033; hazard ratio [HR], 0.74; 95% CI 0.56 to 0.98) as was OS (87% TC v 82% AC; P = .032; HR, 0.69; 95% CI, 0.50 to 0.97). TC was superior in older patients as well as younger patients. There was no interaction of hormone-receptor status or HER-2 status and treatment. Older women experienced more febrile neutropenia with TC and more anemia with AC.

Conclusion: With longer follow-up, four cycles of TC was superior to standard AC (DFS and OS) and was a tolerable regimen in both older and younger patients.

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