Journal Article
. 2009 Mar; 214(4):269-78.
doi: 10.1016/j.imbio.2008.09.007.

Food allergy/hypersensitivity: antigenicity or timing?

Patrícia Olaya Paschoal 1 Sylvia M N Campos  Monique M B Pedruzzi  Valéria Garrido  Mônica Bisso  Danielle M F Antunes  Alberto F Nobrega  Gerlinde Teixeira  
  • PMID: 19327544
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Mechanisms involved in the induction of oral tolerance (OT) or systemic immunization through the oral rout are still poorly understood. In our previous studies, we have shown that when normal mice eat peanuts they become tolerant, with no gut alterations. Conversely, if immunized with peanut proteins prior to a challenge diet (CD) containing peanuts they develop chronic inflammation of the gut. Our aim is to evaluate the consequences of the introduction of a novel protein in the diet of animals presenting antigen-specific gut inflammation. Adult, female C57BL/6J mice were divided in control (C) and experimental (E) groups. C1-C3 received peanut protein immunization, animals of the control groups C4 were sham immunized, and control group C5 received ovalbumin (OVA) immunization. The experimental group was immunized with peanut protein extract. Before initial exposure to a 30-day peanut containing CD, the experimental group was divided into 5 groups (E1-E5). OVA feeding began 7 days prior CD (E1) on day 0 (E2), 7 (E3), 14 (E4) and 21 (E5) during CD. Our results show that oral exposure to a novel protein (OVA) in the absence of gut inflammation (E1) leads to low levels of systemic antibody (Ab) titers, comparable to tolerant animals. Conversely, as off initial induction of inflammation, groups submitted to OVA (OT) protocol develop increasingly higher systemic Ab titers similar to animals of the immune control group. In conclusion, our protocol indicates that timing is more important than the antigenicity when a novel protein is offered, in the diet.

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