Journal Article
. 2009 Dec; 58(1):51-6.
doi: 10.1007/s00106-009-2006-0.

[Specific immunotherapy with depigmented allergoids]

L Klimek 1 C Thorn  O Pfaar  
  • PMID: 20011999
  •     23 References
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Specific immunotherapy is the only available causative treatment for IgE-mediated allergic conditions. The state of the art is treatment via the subcutaneous route with crude extracts in a water solution, with physically linked (semidepot) extracts or chemically modified semidepot extracts (allergoids). A relatively new purification method combines depigmentation followed by polymerization with glutaraldehyde. This modification results in increased tolerance with a reduction in both local and systemic adverse effects. As controlled clinical trials have shown, the effectiveness is comparable to that of specific immunotherapy with crude allergen extracts. Recent data suggest that the modified polymerized allergoids allow a safe rush titration in a few days or even in 1 day (ultra-rush titration).

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