. 2010 Sep; 42(6):512-8.
doi: 10.3109/00313025.2010.508787.

Digital pathology: exploring its applications in diagnostic surgical pathology practice

Ana Richelia Jara-Lazaro 1 Thomas Paulraj Thamboo  Ming Teh  Puay Hoon Tan  
  • PMID: 20854068
  •     44 citations


There has been a recent upsurge in worldwide attention on digital pathology, which has transformed from static snapshots from camera-equipped microscopes to its modern form that encompasses scanning of whole glass slides with evaluation of histological images on a computer screen, along with management of its accompanying information. Although it has been widely accepted in education and research, its implementation in diagnostic surgical pathology practice is not without challenges in workflow integration, technological infrastructure, pathologist acclimatisation, global standardisation for clinical practice, and cost issues, among others. Nonetheless, early adopters have harnessed its benefits in specific niches, like frozen section services and remote second opinion consultations. Its tremendous potential is worthy of further validation to compare with conventional glass slide evaluation, even while it is already paving the way for advancement into virtual three-dimensional imaging technology, with a glimpse into a possible future digital diagnostic pathology practice.

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