Journal Article
. 2013 Jan; 36(7):1913-8.
doi: 10.2337/dc12-2294.

Effects of a D-xylose preload with or without sitagliptin on gastric emptying, glucagon-like peptide-1, and postprandial glycemia in type 2 diabetes

Tongzhi Wu 1 Michelle J Bound  Beiyi R Zhao  Scott D Standfield  Max Bellon  Karen L Jones  Michael Horowitz  Christopher K Rayner  
  • PMID: 23359361
  •     40 References
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Objective: Macronutrient "preloads" can reduce postprandial glycemia by slowing gastric emptying and stimulating glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) secretion. An ideal preload would entail minimal additional energy intake and might be optimized by concurrent inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4). We evaluated the effects of a low-energy D-xylose preload, with or without sitagliptin, on gastric emptying, plasma intact GLP-1 concentrations, and postprandial glycemia in type 2 diabetes.

Research Design And Methods: Twelve type 2 diabetic patients were studied on four occasions each. After 100 mg sitagliptin (S) or placebo (P) and an overnight fast, patients consumed a preload drink containing either 50 g D-xylose (X) or 80 mg sucralose (control [C]), followed after 40 min by a mashed potato meal labeled with (13)C-octanoate. Blood was sampled at intervals. Gastric emptying was determined.

Results: Both peak blood glucose and the amplitude of glycemic excursion were lower after PX and SC than PC (P < 0.01 for each) and were lowest after SX (P < 0.05 for each), while overall blood glucose was lower after SX than PC (P < 0.05). The postprandial insulin-to-glucose ratio was attenuated (P < 0.05) and gastric emptying was slower (P < 0.01) after D-xylose, without any effect of sitagliptin. Plasma GLP-1 concentrations were higher after D-xylose than control only before the meal (P < 0.05) but were sustained postprandially when combined with sitagliptin (P < 0.05).

Conclusions: In type 2 diabetes, acute administration of a D-xylose preload reduces postprandial glycemia and enhances the effect of a DPP-4 inhibitor.

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