Journal Article
. 2013 Nov; 210(13):2803-11.
doi: 10.1084/jem.20130678.

Intratumoral IL-12 combined with CTLA-4 blockade elicits T cell-mediated glioma rejection

Johannes Vom Berg 1 Melissa Vrohlings  Sergio Haller  Aladin Haimovici  Paulina Kulig  Anna Sledzinska  Michael Weller  Burkhard Becher  
  • PMID: 24277150
  •     32 References
  •     87 citations


Glioblastomas (GBs) are the most aggressive form of primary brain cancer and virtually incurable. Accumulation of regulatory T (T reg) cells in GBs is thought to contribute to the dampening of antitumor immunity. Using a syngeneic mouse model for GB, we tested whether local delivery of cytokines could render the immunosuppressive GB microenvironment conducive to an antitumor immune response. IL-12 but not IL-23 reversed GB-induced immunosuppression and led to tumor clearance. In contrast to models of skin or lung cancer, IL-12-mediated glioma rejection was T cell dependent and elicited potent immunological memory. To translate these findings into a clinically relevant setting, we allowed for GB progression before initiating therapy. Combined intratumoral IL-12 application with systemic blockade of the co-inhibitory receptor CTLA-4 on T cells led to tumor eradication even at advanced disease stages where monotherapy with either IL-12 or CTLA-4 blockade failed. The combination of IL-12 and CTLA-4 blockade acts predominantly on CD4(+) cells, causing a drastic decrease in FoxP3(+) T reg cells and an increase in effector T (T eff) cells. Our data provide compelling preclinical findings warranting swift translation into clinical trials in GB and represent a promising approach to increase response rates of CTLA-4 blockade in solid tumors.

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