Journal Article
. 2013 Dec; 2(9):e25801.
doi: 10.4161/onci.25801.

Long peptide-based cancer immunotherapy targeting tumor antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells

Yusuke Tomita 1 Yasuharu Nishimura  
  • PMID: 24327937
  •     10 References
  •     6 citations


CD4+ T cells promote cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL)-mediated anticancer immune responses. We have recently identified ideal tumor-associated antigen (TAA)-derived long peptides (LPs) that elicit not only TAA-specific TH1 response, but also CTLs, through cross-presentation. The LP-specific TH1 cell responses were augmented in cancer patients vaccinated with CTL epitopes. Our findings support the clinical application of LP-based immunotherapy.

Keywords: Type 1 helper T cell; cDNA microarray analysis; cross-presentation; helper T-cell epitope; peptide vaccine; tumor-associated antigen.

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