Journal Article
. 2014 Apr; 15(6):571-9.
doi: 10.1038/ni.2886.

The epigenetic regulator Uhrf1 facilitates the proliferation and maturation of colonic regulatory T cells

Yuuki Obata 1 Yukihiro Furusawa 2 Takaho A Endo 3 Jafar Sharif 4 Daisuke Takahashi 5 Koji Atarashi 6 Manabu Nakayama 7 Satoshi Onawa 5 Yumiko Fujimura 8 Masumi Takahashi 5 Tomokatsu Ikawa 9 Takeshi Otsubo 10 Yuki I Kawamura 10 Taeko Dohi 10 Shoji Tajima 11 Hiroshi Masumoto 12 Osamu Ohara 3 Kenya Honda 13 Shohei Hori 14 Hiroshi Ohno 15 Haruhiko Koseki 4 Koji Hase 16 
  • PMID: 24777532
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Intestinal regulatory T cells (Treg cells) are necessary for the suppression of excessive immune responses to commensal bacteria. However, the molecular machinery that controls the homeostasis of intestinal Treg cells has remained largely unknown. Here we report that colonization of germ-free mice with gut microbiota upregulated expression of the DNA-methylation adaptor Uhrf1 in Treg cells. Mice with T cell-specific deficiency in Uhrf1 (Uhrf1(fl/fl)Cd4-Cre mice) showed defective proliferation and functional maturation of colonic Treg cells. Uhrf1 deficiency resulted in derepression of the gene (Cdkn1a) that encodes the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21 due to hypomethylation of its promoter region, which resulted in cell-cycle arrest of Treg cells. As a consequence, Uhrf1(fl/fl)Cd4-Cre mice spontaneously developed severe colitis. Thus, Uhrf1-dependent epigenetic silencing of Cdkn1a was required for the maintenance of gut immunological homeostasis. This mechanism enforces symbiotic host-microbe interactions without an inflammatory response.

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