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T cell exhaustion is thought to be a natural mechanism for limiting immune pathology, although it may be desirable to circumvent this mechanism to help eliminate viral reservoirs or tumors. Although there are no definitive markers, a fingerprint for exhausted T cells has been described that includes the transmembrane proteins PD-1, LAG3, and Tim-3. However, apart from the recruitment of tyrosine phosphatases to PD-1, little is known about the biochemical mechanisms by which these proteins contribute to the development or maintenance of exhaustion. Tim-3 contains no known motifs for the recruitment of inhibitory phosphatases, but it may actually increase signaling downstream of TCR/CD3, at least under acute conditions. Other studies showed that T cell exhaustion results from chronic stimulation that extends the effector phase of T cell activation, at the expense of T cell memory. We suggest that Tim-3 may contribute to T cell exhaustion by enhancing TCR-signaling pathways.

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