Journal Article
. 2014 Aug; 20(1):e17-22.
doi: 10.4317/medoral.19863.

Transition from glass to digital slide microscopy in the teaching of oral pathology in a Brazilian dental school

Felipe-Paiva Fonseca 1 Alan-Roger Santos-Silva  Márcio-Ajudarte Lopes  Oslei-Paes de Almeida  Pablo-Agustin Vargas  
  • PMID: 25129250
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Objectives: Several medical and dental schools have described their experience in the transition from conventional to digital microscopy in the teaching of general pathology and histology disciplines; however, this transitional process has scarcely been reported in the teaching of oral pathology. Therefore, the objective of the current study is to report the transition from conventional glass slide to virtual microscopy in oral pathology teaching, a unique experience in Latin America.

Study Design: An Aperio ScanScope® scanner was used to digitalize histological slides used in practical lectures of oral pathology. The challenges and benefits observed by the group of Professors from the Piracicaba Dental School (Brazil) are described and a questionnaire to evaluate the students' compliance to this new methodology was applied.

Results: An improvement in the classes was described by the Professors who mainly dealt with questions related to pathological changes instead of technical problems; also, a higher interaction with the students was described. The simplicity of the software used and the high quality of the virtual slides, requiring a smaller time to identify microscopic structures, were considered important for a better teaching process.

Conclusions: Virtual microscopy used to teach oral pathology represents a useful educational methodology, with an excellent compliance of the dental students.

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