Journal Article
. 2014 Dec; 194(3):878-82.
doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1402725.

Cutting edge: epigenetic regulation of Foxp3 defines a stable population of CD4+ regulatory T cells in tumors from mice and humans

Jeremy D Waight 1 Shinji Takai 2 Bo Marelli 1 Guozhong Qin 1 Kenneth W Hance 1 Dong Zhang 1 Robert Tighe 1 Yan Lan 1 Kin-Ming Lo 1 Helen Sabzevari 1 Robert Hofmeister 3 Nicholas S Wilson 4 
  • PMID: 25548231
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CD4(+) regulatory T cells (Tregs) are critical for maintaining self-tolerance and function to prevent autoimmune disease. High densities of intratumoral Tregs are generally associated with poor patient prognosis, a correlation attributed to their broad immune-suppressive features. Two major populations of Tregs have been defined, thymically derived natural Tregs (nTregs) and peripherally induced Tregs (iTregs). However, the relative contribution of nTregs versus iTregs to the intratumoral Treg compartment remains controversial. Demarcating the proportion of nTregs versus iTregs has important implications in the design of therapeutic strategies to overcome their antagonistic effects on antitumor immune responses. We used epigenetic, phenotypic, and functional parameters to evaluate the composition of nTregs versus iTregs isolated from mouse tumor models and primary human tumors. Our findings failed to find evidence for extensive intratumoral iTreg induction. Rather, we identified a population of Foxp3-stable nTregs in tumors from mice and humans.

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