Journal Article
. 2015 Jan; 3(4):91-6.
doi: 10.12861/jrip.2014.26.

Whole slide images for primary diagnostics of urinary system pathology: a feasibility study

Shaimaa Al-Janabi 1 André Huisman 1 Geertruida N Jonges 1 Fiebo J W Ten Kate 1 Roel Goldschmeding 1 Paul J van Diest 1 
  • PMID: 25610886
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Introduction: During the last decade, whole slide images (WSI) have been used in many areas of pathology such as teaching, research, digital archiving, teleconsultation and quality assurance testing. However, WSI have as yet not much been used for upfront diagnostics because of the lack of validation studies.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to test the feasibility of WSI for primary diagnosis of urinary tract pathology.

Materials And Methods: 100 consecutive urinary tract biopsies and resections which had been diagnosed conventionally between the years 2008-2009 were scanned at 20× magnification, and rediagnosed by two pathologists on WSI, having the original clinical information available, but blinded to the original diagnoses. Original and WSI diagnoses were compared and classified as concordant, slightly discordant (without clinical consequences) and discordant.

Results: Original and WSI based rediagnosis were concordant in 87% of the cases. Original and WSI diagnosis were slightly discordant in 8% of cases. Major discrepancies with clinical or prognostic implications were founded in only 5 cases. However, for 6 out of the 13 discrepancies, WSI based diagnoses were considered to be better than the original diagnoses.

Conclusion: Primary diagnostics of urinary tract specimens can be reliably done on WSI. Further improvements of image resolution may help to increase diagnostic accuracy and WSI acceptance in routine pathology.

Keywords: Diagnostics; Digital pathology; Urinary pathology; Validation; Whole slide images.

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