Journal Article
. 2016 Feb; 4(3):.

In vivo subcellular resolution optical imaging in the lung reveals early metastatic proliferation and motility

David Entenberg 1 Carolina Rodriguez-Tirado 2 Yu Kato 2 Takanori Kitamura 3 Jeffrey W Pollard 3 John Condeelis 1 
  • PMID: 26855844
  •     40 References
  •     27 citations


To better understand breast cancer metastatic cell seeding, we have employed multiphoton microscopy and a vacuum stabilized window which eliminates the need for complex registration software, video rate microscopy or specialized gating electronics to observe the initial steps of tumor cell seeding within the living, breathing lung. We observe that upon arrival to the lung, tumor cells are found exclusively in capillary vessels, completely fill their volume and display an initial high level of protrusive activity that dramatically reduces over time. Further, we observe a concomitant increase in positional stability during this same period. We employ several techniques accessible to most imaging labs for optimizing signal to noise and resolution which enable us to report the first direct observation, with subcellular resolution, of the arrival, proliferation, and motility of metastatic tumor cells within the lung.

Keywords: Intravital imaging; cancer; macrophage; metastasis; multiphoton; vacuum window.

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