Journal Article
. 2016 Apr; 7:10.
doi: 10.4103/2153-3539.177687.

Comparison of the diagnostic utility of digital pathology systems for telemicrobiology

Daniel D Rhoads 1 Nadia F Habib-Bein 2 Rahman S Hariri 3 Douglas J Hartman 3 Sara E Monaco 3 Andrew Lesniak 3 Jon Duboy 3 Mohamed El-Sayed Salama 4 Liron Pantanowitz 3 
  • PMID: 27076988
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Introduction: Telemicrobiology is a growing component of clinical microbiology informatics. However, few studies have been performed to assess the diagnostic utility of telemicroscopy systems in evaluating infectious agents.

Objective: Evaluate multiple contemporary digital pathology platforms for use in diagnostic telemicrobiology.

Materials And Methods: A mix of thirty cases that included viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitological findings were evaluated by four experts using ×40 whole slide imaging (WSI) scans, ×83 oil-immersion WSI scans, ×100 oil-immersion WSI scans, digital photomicrographs, and glass slides.

Results: The ×83 WSI, ×100 WSI, and photomicrograph interpretations were not significantly different in quality and accuracy when compared to glass slide interpretations. The ×40 WSI interpretations were of lower quality and were more likely to be incorrect when compared to glass slide interpretations.

Conclusions: In this study, high magnification, oil-immersion digital pathology platforms are better suited to support telemicrobiology applications and yield interpretations on par with glass slide evaluations.

Keywords: Digital pathology; infectious diseases; microbiology; telemicrobiology; telemicroscopy; whole slide imaging.

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