Journal Article
. 2017 Jan; 30(5):555-560.
doi: 10.1007/s10278-017-9946-9.

Enterprise Implementation of Digital Pathology: Feasibility, Challenges, and Opportunities

D J Hartman 1 L Pantanowitz 2 J S McHugh 3 A L Piccoli 3 M J OLeary 3 G R Lauro 3 
  • PMID: 28116576
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Digital pathology is becoming technically possible to implement for routine pathology work. At our institution, we have been using digital pathology for second opinion intraoperative consultations for over 10 years. Herein, we describe our experience in converting to a digital pathology platform for primary pathology diagnosis. We implemented an incremental rollout for digital pathology on subspecialty benches, beginning with cases that contained small amounts of tissue (biopsy specimens). We successfully scanned over 40,000 slides through our digital pathology system. Several lessons (both challenges and opportunities) were learned through this implementation. A successful conversion to digital pathology requires pre-imaging adjustments, integrated software and post-imaging evaluations.

Keywords: Diagnostic imaging; Digital imaging; Digital pathology; Experiential; Imaging informatics; Implementation; Whole slide imaging.

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