Journal Article
. 2017 Feb; 7:42888.
doi: 10.1038/srep42888.

Cbx3/HP1γ deficiency confers enhanced tumor-killing capacity on CD8+ T cells

Michael Sun 1 Ngoc Ha 1 Duc-Hung Pham 1 Megan Frederick 2 Bandana Sharma 3 Chie Naruse 4 Masahide Asano 4 Matthew E Pipkin 2 Rani E George 3 To-Ha Thai 1 
  • PMID: 28220815
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Cbx3/HP1γ is a histone reader whose function in the immune system is not completely understood. Here, we demonstrate that in CD8+ T cells, Cbx3/HP1γ insufficiency leads to chromatin remodeling accompanied by enhanced Prf1, Gzmb and Ifng expression. In tumors obtained from Cbx3/HP1γ-insufficient mice or wild type mice treated with Cbx3/HP1γ-insufficient CD8+ T cells, there is an increase of CD8+ effector T cells expressing the stimulatory receptor Klrk1/NKG2D, a decrease in CD4+ CD25+ FOXP3+ regulatory T cells (Treg cells) as well as CD25+ CD4+ T cells expressing the inhibitory receptor CTLA4. Together these changes in the tumor immune environment may have mitigated tumor burden in Cbx3/HP1γ-insufficient mice or wild type mice treated with Cbx3/HP1γ-insufficient CD8+ T cells. These findings suggest that targeting Cbx3/HP1γ can represent a rational therapeutic approach to control growth of solid tumors.

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