Journal Article
. 2017 Jul; 11(3):577-583.
doi: 10.1177/1932296816678428.

Impact of Xylose on Glucose-Dehydrogenase-Based Blood Glucose Meters for Patient Self-Testing

Andreas Pfützner 1 Filiz Demircik 1 Daniela Sachsenheimer 1 Jan Spatz 2 Anke H Pfützner 2 Sanja Ramljak 2 
  • PMID: 28745092
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The pentose xylose is enriched in edible algae, and is increasingly used as a slowly metabolized carbohydrate in functional food. It is known to interfere with glucose-dehydrogenase-based (GDH) blood glucose measurement systems for patients self-testing. The aim of our study was to investigate the extent of xylose interference in commercially available blood glucose meters. A heparinized whole blood sample was manipulated to contain 3 different glucose concentrations (50-80 mg/dL, 130-160 mg/dL, and 250-300 mg/dL) and 4 different xylose concentrations (0 mg/dL, 25 mg/dL, 50 mg/dL, and 100 mg/dL). Each sample was measured 3 times with 2 different strip lots per test meter (AccuChek Aviva, AccuChek Connect, Contour Next, FreeStyle Freedom Lite, FreeStyle Insulinx, MyStar Extra, OneTouch Verio IQ, and Wellion Calla, reference: YSI GlucoStat analyzer). For analysis, we calculated the xylose capture rate, that is, the xylose amount wrongly displayed as glucose. No xylose interference was seen with 4 meters: AccuChek Aviva (mean capture rate 0%), AccuChek Connect (-2%), MyStar Extra (10%), and Wellion Calla (8%). In contrast, substantial interference was observed with Contour Next (100%), FreeStyle Freedom Lite (104%), FreeStyle Insulinx (120%), and OneTouch Verio IQ (162%). We observed xylose interference in several GDH-based meters. This may become important with increased use of xylose in dietary and functional food products, in particular in products designed for weight loss. Our findings may affect the meter selection for patients who are consuming such food products as part of their lifestyle treatment regimen.

Keywords: blood glucose measurement; glucose dehydrogenase; test strips; xylose interference.

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