Journal Article
. 2017 Nov; 8(1):1447.
doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-01572-7.

Intratumoral CD40 activation and checkpoint blockade induces T cell-mediated eradication of melanoma in the brain

Manisha Singh 1 Christina Vianden 1 Mark J Cantwell 2 Zhimin Dai 1 Zhilan Xiao 1 Meenu Sharma 1 Hiep Khong 1 Ashvin R Jaiswal 3 Faisal Faak 1 Yared Hailemichael 1 L M E Janssen 1 Uddalak Bharadwaj 4 Michael A Curran 3 Adi Diab 1 Roland L Bassett 5 David J Tweardy 4 Patrick Hwu 1 Willem W Overwijk 6 
  • PMID: 29129918
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CD40 agonists bind the CD40 molecule on antigen-presenting cells and activate them to prime tumor-specific CD8+ T cell responses. Here, we study the antitumor activity and mechanism of action of a nonreplicating adenovirus encoding a chimeric, membrane-bound CD40 ligand (ISF35). Intratumoral administration of ISF35 in subcutaneous B16 melanomas generates tumor-specific, CD8+ T cells that express PD-1 and suppress tumor growth. Combination therapy of ISF35 with systemic anti-PD-1 generates greater antitumor activity than each respective monotherapy. Triple combination of ISF35, anti-PD-1, and anti-CTLA-4 results in complete eradication of injected and noninjected subcutaneous tumors, as well as melanoma tumors in the brain. Therapeutic efficacy is associated with increases in the systemic level of tumor-specific CD8+ T cells, and an increased ratio of intratumoral CD8+ T cells to CD4+ Tregs. These results provide a proof of concept of systemic antitumor activity after intratumoral CD40 triggering with ISF35 in combination with checkpoint blockade for multifocal cancer, including the brain.

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