. 2018 Apr; 9:6.
doi: 10.4103/jpi.jpi_1_18.

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Whole Slide Imaging Connectathon at Digital Pathology Association Pathology Visions 2017

David Clunie 1 Dan Hosseinzadeh 2 Mikael Wintell 3 David De Mena 4 Nieves Lajara 5 Marcial Garcia-Rojo 4 Gloria Bueno 5 Kiran Saligrama 6 Aaron Stearrett 6 David Toomey 6 Esther Abels 7 Frank Van Apeldoorn 7 Stephane Langevin 2 Sean Nichols 2 Joachim Schmid 8 Uwe Horchner 8 Bruce Beckwith 9 Anil Parwani 10 Liron Pantanowitz 11 
  • PMID: 29619278
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  •     9 citations


As digital pathology systems for clinical diagnostic work applications become mainstream, interoperability between these systems from different vendors becomes critical. For the first time, multiple digital pathology vendors have publicly revealed the use of the digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) standard file format and network protocol to communicate between separate whole slide acquisition, storage, and viewing components. Note the use of DICOM for clinical diagnostic applications is still to be validated in the United States. The successful demonstration shows that the DICOM standard is fundamentally sound, though many lessons were learned. These lessons will be incorporated as incremental improvements in the standard, provide more detailed profiles to constrain variation for specific use cases, and offer educational material for implementers. Future Connectathon events will expand the scope to include more devices and vendors, as well as more ambitious use cases including laboratory information system integration and annotation for image analysis, as well as more geographic diversity. Users should request DICOM features in all purchases and contracts. It is anticipated that the growth of DICOM-compliant manufacturers will likely also ease DICOM for pathology becoming a recognized standard and as such the regulatory pathway for digital pathology products.

Keywords: Connectivity; digital imaging and communications in medicine; digital imaging and communications in medicine supplement 145; digital imaging and communications in medicine web; digital pathology; interoperability; picture archiving and communication system; virtual microscopy; whole slide imaging.

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