Journal Article
. 1985 Oct; 135(4):2865-75.

In vivo administration of purified human interleukin 2. II. Half life, immunologic effects, and expansion of peripheral lymphoid cells in vivo with recombinant IL 2

M T Lotze  Y L Matory  S E Ettinghausen  A A Rayner  S O Sharrow  C A Seipp  M C Custer  S A Rosenberg  
  • PMID: 2993418
  •     132 citations


Purified recombinant human interleukin 2 (RIL 2) derived from E. coli containing the inserted gene encoding for IL 2 was administered to 20 patients with a variety of malignancies. Toxicity was dose related and included fever, chills, malaise, arthralgias, myalgias, and unexpectedly, weight gain related to marked fluid retention. All patients receiving more than 10(5) U/kg total cumulative dose developed evidence of fluid retention, and all patients requiring discontinuance of RIL 2 (11/20) received total doses of between 2.54 X 10(5) U/kg to 15.4 X 10(5) U/kg. The limiting dose with this preparation was 3000 U/kg/hr by continuous administration or 10(6) U/kg by bolus administration. IL 2 was rapidly cleared from the plasma, with a half life of 6.9 min, and a later delayed clearance was consistent with a two-compartment model, with slower release from the extravascular space back into the plasma compartment. A marked change in lymphoid cells in the periphery was noted with an early depletion of all lymphoid cells, followed by an expansion of such cells with continuous IL 2 administration. A twofold to 16-fold expansion of total lymphoid cells in the peripheral blood could be demonstrated. TAC+ cells representing up to 25% of the circulating peripheral blood mononuclear cells could be demonstrated with 3 wk of continuous RIL 2 administration. Interferon-gamma levels increased in patients treated with IL 2. Precursors of lymphokine-activated killer cells generated under standard conditions were depleted within 2 to 3 min after IL 2 administration, but repopulated the peripheral blood after 7 to 10 days of continuous IL 2 administration. No tumor regression was seen in any of the cancer patients treated with IL 2 alone.

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