Journal Article
. 2018 Jun; 24(7):978-985.
doi: 10.1038/s41591-018-0045-3.

Global characterization of T cells in non-small-cell lung cancer by single-cell sequencing

Xinyi Guo 1 Yuanyuan Zhang 1 Liangtao Zheng 2 Chunhong Zheng 1 Jintao Song 3 Qiming Zhang 1 Boxi Kang 1 Zhouzerui Liu 1 Liang Jin 3 Rui Xing 4 Ranran Gao 1 Lei Zhang 2 Minghui Dong 1 Xueda Hu 1 Xianwen Ren 1 Dennis Kirchhoff 5 Helge Gottfried Roider 5 Tiansheng Yan 6 Zemin Zhang 7 
  • PMID: 29942094
  •     361 citations


Cancer immunotherapies have shown sustained clinical responses in treating non-small-cell lung cancer1-3, but efficacy varies and depends in part on the amount and properties of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes4-6. To depict the baseline landscape of the composition, lineage and functional states of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, here we performed deep single-cell RNA sequencing for 12,346 T cells from 14 treatment-naïve non-small-cell lung cancer patients. Combined expression and T cell antigen receptor based lineage tracking revealed a significant proportion of inter-tissue effector T cells with a highly migratory nature. As well as tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells undergoing exhaustion, we observed two clusters of cells exhibiting states preceding exhaustion, and a high ratio of "pre-exhausted" to exhausted T cells was associated with better prognosis of lung adenocarcinoma. Additionally, we observed further heterogeneity within the tumor regulatory T cells (Tregs), characterized by the bimodal distribution of TNFRSF9, an activation marker for antigen-specific Tregs. The gene signature of those activated tumor Tregs, which included IL1R2, correlated with poor prognosis in lung adenocarcinoma. Our study provides a new approach for patient stratification and will help further understand the functional states and dynamics of T cells in lung cancer.

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