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Gonzalo Recondo 1 Francesco Facchinetti 2 Ken A Olaussen 1 Benjamin Besse 1 Luc Friboulet 3 
  • PMID: 30108370
  •     100 citations


The traditional approach to the treatment of patients with advanced-stage non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) harbouring ALK rearrangements or EGFR mutations has been the sequential administration of therapies (sequential treatment approach), in which patients first receive first-generation tyrosine-kinase inhibitors (TKIs), which are eventually replaced by next-generation TKIs and/or chemotherapy upon disease progression, in a decision optionally guided by tumour molecular profiling. In the past few years, this strategy has been challenged by clinical evidence showing improved progression-free survival, improved intracranial disease control and a generally favourable toxicity profile when next-generation EGFR and ALK TKIs are used in the first-line setting. In this Review, we describe the existing preclinical and clinical evidence supporting both treatment strategies - the 'historical' sequential treatment strategy and the use of next-generation TKIs - as frontline therapies and discuss the suitability of both strategies for patients with EGFR-driven or ALK-driven NSCLC.

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Non-small cell lung cancer-small cell lung cancer transformation as mechanism of resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in lung cancer.
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Cancer Drug Resist, 2020 Feb 28; 3(2). PMID: 35582610    Free PMC article.