. 2018 Aug; 6:2050312118794588.
doi: 10.1177/2050312118794588.

Cost-effectiveness of allergic rhinitis treatment: An exploratory study

Jan Titulaer 1 Habibollah Arefian 1 Michael Hartmann 1 Mustafa Z Younis 2 Orlando Guntinas-Lichius 3 
  • PMID: 30147935
  •     18 References
  •     1 citations


Allergic rhinitis is serious public health problems and one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide. We aimed to assess the cost-effectiveness of clinically relevant treatment options for allergic rhinitis using evidence-based literature. In addition, we aimed to develop recommendations for allergic rhinitis treatment based on health economic facts. We searched MEDLINE via PubMed from 2009 to 2014 to identify all therapeutic options described in the current literature and selected randomized controlled trials that used a symptom score, had at least one placebo control group and used adult patients. We analyzed the side effects and the number of cases in which treatment was discontinued for each treatment option. Local antihistamines were the most cost-effective local therapy and are recommended due to the low number of complications. Regarding systemic therapies, although the use of oral steroids is indeed significantly cost-effective, this treatment was found to be associated with strong side effects. Sublingual immunotherapy was identified as the most cost-effective immunotherapy and exhibits a good side-effect profile. Overall, local therapy with antihistamines was found to be the most cost-effective option of all therapies. This study showed that there are only minor differences between sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy. Based on our results, we recommend the use of an international, uniform nasal symptom score to facilitate the comparison of clinical trials on allergic rhinitis in the future.

Keywords: Allergic rhinitis; cost-effectiveness; side effects; symptom score.

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