. 2018 Sep; 7(4):464-486.
doi: 10.21037/tlcr.2018.06.04.

Autochthonous murine models for the study of smoker and never-smoker associated lung cancers

Esra A Akbay 1 James Kim 2 
  • PMID: 30225211
  •     217 References
  •     6 citations


Lung cancer accounts for the greatest number of cancer deaths in the world. Tobacco smoke-associated cancers constitute the majority of lung cancer cases but never-smoker cancers comprise a significant and increasing fraction of cases. Recent genomic and transcriptomic sequencing efforts of lung cancers have revealed distinct sets of genetic aberrations of smoker and never-smoker lung cancers that implicate disparate biology and therapeutic strategies. Autochthonous mouse models have contributed greatly to our understanding of lung cancer biology and identified novel therapeutic targets and strategies in the era of targeted therapy. With the emergence of immuno-oncology, mouse models may continue to serve as valuable platforms for novel biological insights and therapeutic strategies. Here, we will review the variety of available autochthonous mouse models of lung cancer, their relation to human smoker and never-smoker lung cancers, and their application to immuno-oncology and immune checkpoint blockade that is revolutionizing lung cancer therapy.

Keywords: Lung cancer; mouse models; never-smoker; smoker.

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