. 2019 Feb; 13(6):447-452.
doi: 10.1159/000488026.

Adjuvant Dose-Dense Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer: Available Evidence and Recent Updates

Fernando Kude de Almeida 1 Daniela Dornelles Rosa 2 
  • PMID: 30800040
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Adjuvant chemotherapy has greatly improved the prognosis of early breast cancer. Dose-dense chemotherapy seeks to increase efficacy by changing the interval between cycles of treatment without the need of increasing doses and toxicity. According to the Gompertzian model, the smaller tumors are and the more rapid they grow, the more benefit could be expected from dose-dense therapy. Some clinical trials showed reduced mortality when adjuvant chemotherapy is administered in shorter intervals, while others had discordant results. Interpreting results is difficult due to a great variability in doses and schemes used in different trials. Dose-dense chemotherapy does not seem to increase adverse events and appears to be the most efficacious in higher-risk individuals and in hormone receptor-negative tumors. This review intends to summarize the available evidence and recent research about this subject.

Keywords: Adjuvant treatment; Anthracyclines; Breast cancer; Chemotherapy; Dose escalation.

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