. 2019 Mar; 8(3):229.
doi: 10.3390/cells8030229.

Cancer Biogenesis in Ribosomopathies

Sergey O Sulima 1 Kim R Kampen 2 Kim De Keersmaecker 3 
  • PMID: 30862070
  •     97 References
  •     18 citations


Ribosomopathies are congenital diseases with defects in ribosome assembly and are characterized by elevated cancer risks. Additionally, somatic mutations in ribosomal proteins have recently been linked to a variety of cancers. Despite a clear correlation between ribosome defects and cancer, the molecular mechanisms by which these defects promote tumorigenesis are unclear. In this review, we focus on the emerging mechanisms that link ribosomal defects in ribosomopathies to cancer progression. This includes functional "onco-specialization" of mutant ribosomes, extra-ribosomal consequences of mutations in ribosomal proteins and ribosome assembly factors, and effects of ribosomal mutations on cellular stress and metabolism. We integrate some of these recent findings in a single model that can partially explain the paradoxical transition from hypo- to hyperproliferation phenotypes, as observed in ribosomopathies. Finally, we discuss the current and potential strategies, and the associated challenges for therapeutic intervention in ribosome-mutant diseases.

Keywords: cancer; ribosome; ribosomopathies; translational fidelity.

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