. 2019 May; 9:279.
doi: 10.3389/fonc.2019.00279.

Turning the Tide Against Regulatory T Cells

SeongJun Han 1 Aras Toker 1 Zhe Qi Liu 1 Pamela S Ohashi 1 
  • PMID: 31058083
  •     226 References
  •     29 citations


Regulatory T (Treg) cells play crucial roles in health and disease through their immunosuppressive properties against various immune cells. In this review we will focus on the inhibitory role of Treg cells in anti-tumor immunity. We outline how Treg cells restrict T cell function based on our understanding of T cell biology, and how we can shift the equilibrium against regulatory T cells. To date, numerous strategies have been proposed to limit the suppressive effects of Treg cells, including Treg cell neutralization, destabilizing Treg cells and rendering T cells resistant to Treg cells. Here, we focus on key mechanisms which render T cells resistant to the suppressive effects of Treg cells. Lastly, we also examine current limitations and caveats of overcoming the inhibitory activity of Treg cells, and briefly discuss the potential to target Treg cell resistance in the context of anti-tumor immunity.

Keywords: T cells; Treg cells; immune regulation; immune therapy; tumor immunity.

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