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Harnessing innate immunity in cancer therapy

Olivier Demaria 1 Stéphanie Cornen 1 Marc Daëron 2 Yannis Morel 1 Ruslan Medzhitov 3 Eric Vivier 4 
  • PMID: 31578484
  •     201 References
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New therapies that promote antitumour immunity have been recently developed. Most of these immunomodulatory approaches have focused on enhancing T-cell responses, either by targeting inhibitory pathways with immune checkpoint inhibitors, or by targeting activating pathways, as with chimeric antigen receptor T cells or bispecific antibodies. Although these therapies have led to unprecedented successes, only a minority of patients with cancer benefit from these treatments, highlighting the need to identify new cells and molecules that could be exploited in the next generation of immunotherapy. Given the crucial role of innate immune responses in immunity, harnessing these responses opens up new possibilities for long-lasting, multilayered tumour control.

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