Journal Article
. 2020 Feb; 39(9):e103788.
doi: 10.15252/embj.2019103788.

Molecular analysis of the ribosome recycling factor ABCE1 bound to the 30S post-splitting complex

Elina Nürenberg-Goloub 1 Hanna Kratzat 2 Holger Heinemann 1 André Heuer 2 Peter Kötter 3 Otto Berninghausen 2 Thomas Becker 2 Robert Tampé 1 Roland Beckmann 2 
  • PMID: 32064661
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Ribosome recycling by the twin-ATPase ABCE1 is a key regulatory process in mRNA translation and surveillance and in ribosome-associated protein quality control in Eukarya and Archaea. Here, we captured the archaeal 30S ribosome post-splitting complex at 2.8 Å resolution by cryo-electron microscopy. The structure reveals the dynamic behavior of structural motifs unique to ABCE1, which ultimately leads to ribosome splitting. More specifically, we provide molecular details on how conformational rearrangements of the iron-sulfur cluster domain and hinge regions of ABCE1 are linked to closure of its nucleotide-binding sites. The combination of mutational and functional analyses uncovers an intricate allosteric network between the ribosome, regulatory domains of ABCE1, and its two structurally and functionally asymmetric ATP-binding sites. Based on these data, we propose a refined model of how signals from the ribosome are integrated into the ATPase cycle of ABCE1 to orchestrate ribosome recycling.

Keywords: ABC proteins, ribosome recycling; mRNA surveillance; molecular machines; ribosome-associated quality control.

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