Journal Article
. 2020 May; 9:e53127.
doi: 10.7554/eLife.53127.

Translational control of one-carbon metabolism underpins ribosomal protein phenotypes in cell division and longevity

Nairita Maitra 1 Chong He 2 Heidi M Blank 1 Mitsuhiro Tsuchiya 3 Birgit Schilling 2 Matt Kaeberlein 3 Rodolfo Aramayo 4 Brian K Kennedy 2 Michael Polymenis 1 
  • PMID: 32432546
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A long-standing problem is how cells that lack one of the highly similar ribosomal proteins (RPs) often display distinct phenotypes. Yeast and other organisms live longer when they lack specific ribosomal proteins, especially of the large 60S subunit of the ribosome. However, longevity is neither associated with the generation time of RP deletion mutants nor with bulk inhibition of protein synthesis. Here, we queried actively dividing RP mutants through the cell cycle. Our data link transcriptional, translational, and metabolic changes to phenotypes associated with the loss of paralogous RPs. We uncovered translational control of transcripts encoding enzymes of methionine and serine metabolism, which are part of one-carbon (1C) pathways. Cells lacking Rpl22Ap, which are long-lived, have lower levels of metabolites associated with 1C metabolism. Loss of 1C enzymes increased the longevity of wild type cells. 1C pathways exist in all organisms and targeting the relevant enzymes could represent longevity interventions.

Keywords: Rpl22; S. cerevisiae; cell cycle; chromosomes; gene expression; genetics; genomics; longevity; one-carbon; ribosomal; translation.

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