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Digital pathology and artificial intelligence will be key to supporting clinical and academic cellular pathology through COVID-19 and future crises: the PathLAKE consortium perspective

Lisa Browning 1 Richard Colling 2 Emad Rakha 3 Nasir Rajpoot 4 Jens Rittscher 5 Jacqueline A James 6 Manuel Salto-Tellez 6 David R J Snead 7 Clare Verrill 8 
  • PMID: 32620678
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The measures to control the COVID-19 outbreak will likely remain a feature of our working lives until a suitable vaccine or treatment is found. The pandemic has had a substantial impact on clinical services, including cancer pathways. Pathologists are working remotely in many circumstances to protect themselves, colleagues, family members and the delivery of clinical services. The effects of COVID-19 on research and clinical trials have also been significant with changes to protocols, suspensions of studies and redeployment of resources to COVID-19. In this article, we explore the specific impact of COVID-19 on clinical and academic pathology and explore how digital pathology and artificial intelligence can play a key role to safeguarding clinical services and pathology-based research in the current climate and in the future.

Keywords: computer systems; image processing, computer-assisted; pathology, surgical.

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