Journal Article
. 2020 Jul; 22(1):76.
doi: 10.1186/s13058-020-01311-9.

A subset of activated fibroblasts is associated with distant relapse in early luminal breast cancer

Claire Bonneau 1 Antoine Eliès 1 Yann Kieffer 1 Brigitte Bourachot 1 Sylvain Ladoire 2 Floriane Pelon 1 Delphine Hequet 3 Jean-Marc Guinebretière 4 Christophe Blanchet 2 Anne Vincent-Salomon 5 Roman Rouzier 3 Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou 6 
  • PMID: 32665033
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Background: Early luminal breast cancer (BC) represents 70% of newly diagnosed BC cases. Among them, small (under 2 cm) BC without lymph node metastasis (classified as T1N0) have been rarely studied, as their prognosis is generally favorable. Nevertheless, up to 5% of luminal T1N0 BC patients relapse with distant metastases that ultimately prove fatal. The aim of our work was to identify the mechanisms involved in metastatic recurrence in these patients.

Methods: Our study addresses the role that autonomous and non-autonomous tumor cell features play with regard to distant recurrence in early luminal BC patients. We created a cohort of T1N0 luminal BC patients (tumors between 0.5-2 cm without lymph node metastasis) with metastatic recurrence ("cases") and corresponding "controls" (without relapse) matched 1:1 on main prognostic factors: age, grade, and proliferation. We deciphered different characteristics of cancer cells and their tumor micro-environment (TME) by deep analyses using immunohistochemistry. We performed in vitro functional assays and highlighted a new mechanism of cooperation between cancer cells and one particular subset of cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAF).

Results: We found that specific TME features are indicative of relapse in early luminal BC. Indeed, quantitative histological analyses reveal that "cases" are characterized by significant accumulation of a particular CAF subset (CAF-S1) and decrease in CD4+ T lymphocytes, without any other association with immune cells. In multivariate analysis, TME features, in particular CAF-S1 enrichment, remain significantly associated with recurrence, thereby demonstrating their clinical relevance. Finally, by performing functional analyses, we demonstrated that CAF-S1 pro-metastatic activity is mediated by the CDH11/osteoblast cadherin, consistent with bones being a major site of metastases in luminal BC patients.

Conclusions: This study shows that distant recurrence in T1N0 BC is strongly associated with the presence of CAF-S1 fibroblasts. Moreover, we identify CDH11 as a key player in CAF-S1-mediated pro-metastatic activity. This is independent of tumor cells and represents a new prognostic factor. These results could assist clinicians in identifying luminal BC patients with high risk of relapse. Targeted therapies against CAF-S1 using anti-FAP antibody or CDH11-targeting compounds might help in preventing relapse for such patients with activated stroma.

Keywords: CDH11; Cadherin 11; Cancer-associated fibroblasts; Luminal breast cancer; Metastases; Stroma; TILs; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes; Tumor micro-environment.

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