. 2020 Oct; 123(11):856-861.
doi: 10.1007/s00113-020-00891-7.

[Economic aspects of digitalization in orthopedics and trauma surgery]

Dominik Pförringer 1 David Matusiewicz 2 Serafeim Tsitsilonis 3 Tobias Gehlen 3 David A Back 4 
  • PMID: 33079219
  •     23 References


Introduction: In addition to the advantages for patients and physicians, the progression of digitalization will also have economic implications for healthcare systems in toto worldwide. The integration of digital innovations enables healthcare institutions to transform their current activities and processes and to create a new form of patient care.

Important Economic Topics Of Digitalization: Using digital applications process optimization can be achieved by increased efficiency and therefore a reduction in costs in the healthcare system. Improved processes can in turn achieve an increase in quality in the treatment of patients. Simultaneously, a duplication of investigations can be avoided through digital interfaces and the communication among the healthcare professions involved can be improved, which would result in a conservation of resources. Finally, these influences can lead to more precision in medicine, acceleration of healing processes and represent an advantage for all parties involved.

Perspectives: Economic redistribution due to digitalization of medicine will become increasingly apparent in the future. Ethical considerations as well as data protection will be important topics. At the same time investments and digital innovations must be sponsored by the government and industry. Scientific studies are necessary to secure the evidence of new methods for practice in orthopedics and trauma surgery.

Keywords: Economic development; Health resources; Precision medicine; Process optimization; Quality of health care.

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