Journal Article
. 2020 Nov;15().
doi: 10.2147/IJN.S265134.

Graphene Oxide-Template Gold Nanosheets as Highly Efficient Near-Infrared Hyperthermia Agents for Cancer Therapy

Shuyi He 1 Jingyu Li 1 Mingjian Chen 1 Liehua Deng 2 Yuxin Yang 1 Zhaoyang Zeng 1 Wei Xiong 1 Xu Wu 1 
  • PMID: 33149586
  •     30 References


Introduction: Near-infrared (NIR) hyperthermia agents are promising in cancer photothermal therapy due to their deeper penetration ability and less side effects. Spherical gold nanoshell and graphene-based nanomaterials are two major NIR hyperthermia agents that have been reported for photothermal therapy of cancer. Herein, we constructed a two-dimensional graphene oxide-template gold nanosheet (GO@SiO2@AuNS) hybrid that could destruct cancer cells with efficient photothermal effect.

Methods: Graphene oxide was coated with a layer of mesoporous silica, which provided binding sites for gold seeds. Then, seed-growth method was utilized to grow a layer of gold nanosheet to form the GO@SiO2@AuNS hybrid, which possessed great biocompatibility and high photothermal conversion efficiency.

Results: With the irradiation of NIR laser (808 nm) with low power density (0.3 W/cm2), GO@SiO2@AuNS hybrid showed a photothermal conversion efficiency of 30%, leading to a temperature increase of 16.4 °C in water. Colorectal cancer cells (KM12C) were killed with the treatment of GO@SiO2@AuNS hybrid under NIR irradiation.

Conclusion: The GO@SiO2@AuNS hybrid may expand the library of the 2D nanostructures based on gold for cancer photothermal therapy.

Keywords: gold nanosheets; graphene oxide; near-infrared; photothermal therapy.

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