Journal Article
. 2020 Dec; 7(5):410-416.
doi: 10.1364/OPTICA.387445.

Tunable hard x-ray nanofocusing with Fresnel zone plates fabricated using deep etching

Kenan Li 1 Sajid Ali 1 Michael Wojcik 2 Vincent De Andrade 2 Xiaojing Huang 3 Hanfei Yan 3 Yong S Chu 3 Evgeny Nazaretski 3 Ajith Pattammattel 3 Chris Jacobsen 2 
  • PMID: 33294496
  •     21 References
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Fresnel zone plates are widely used for x-ray nanofocusing, due to their ease of alignment and energy tunability. Their spatial resolution is limited in part by their outermost zone width dr , while their efficiency is limited in part by their thickness t zp. We demonstrate the use of Fresnel zone plate optics for x-ray nanofocusing with dr = 16 nm outermost zone width and a thickness of about t zp = 1.8 μm (or an aspect ratio of 110) with an absolute focusing efficiency of 4.7% at 12 keV, and 6.2% at 10 keV. Using partially coherent illumination at 12 keV, the zone plate delivered a FWHM focus of 46 × 60 nm at 12 keV, with the first order coherent mode in a ptychographic reconstruction showing a probe size of 16 nm FWHM. These optics were fabricated using a combination of metal assisted chemical etching and atomic layer deposition for the diffracting structures, and silicon wafer back-thinning to produce optics useful for real applications. This approach should enable new higher resolution views of thick materials, especially when energy tunability is required.

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