Journal Article
. 2021 Jan; 158(1):1.
doi: 10.1186/s41065-020-00165-7.

Defining muscle-invasive bladder cancer immunotypes by introducing tumor mutation burden, CD8+ T cells, and molecular subtypes

Zihao Chen 1 Guojun Liu 2 Guoqing Liu 3 Mikhail A Bolkov 4 Khyber Shinwari 4 Irina A Tuzankina 4 Valery A Chereshnev 4 Zhifeng Wang 5 
  • PMID: 33388091
  •     54 References
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Immunotherapy, especially anti-PD-1, is becoming a pillar of modern muscle-invasive bladder cancer (MIBC) treatment. However, the objective response rates (ORR) are relatively low due to the lack of precise biomarkers to select patients. Herein, the molecular subtype, tumor mutation burden (TMB), and CD8+ T cells were calculated by the gene expression and mutation profiles of MIBC patients. MIBC immunotypes were constructed using clustering analysis based on tumor mutation burden, CD8+ T cells, and molecular subtypes. Mutated genes, enriched functional KEGG pathways and GO terms, and co-expressed network-specific hub genes have been identified. We demonstrated that ORR of immunotype A patients identified by molecular subtype, CD8+ T cells, and TMB is about 36% predictable. PIK3CA, RB1, FGFR3, KMT2C, MACF1, RYR2, and EP300 are differentially mutated among three immunotypes. Pathways such as ECM-receptor interaction, PI3K-Akt signaling pathway, and TGF-beta signaling pathway are top-ranked in enrichment analysis. Low expression of ACTA2 was associated with the MIBC survival benefit. The current study constructs a model that could identify suitable MIBC patients for immunotherapy, and it is an important step forward to the personalized treatment of bladder cancers.

Keywords: CD8+ T cells; Immunotherapy; Immunotype; MIBC; Molecular subtype; TMB.

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