. 2021 Feb; 13(4):.
doi: 10.3390/cancers13040711.

Natural Killer Cells and Anti-Cancer Therapies: Reciprocal Effects on Immune Function and Therapeutic Response

Elisa C Toffoli 1 Abdolkarim Sheikhi 1 Yannick D Höppner 1 Pita de Kok 1 Mahsa Yazdanpanah-Samani 2 Jan Spanholtz 3 Henk M W Verheul 4 Hans J van der Vliet 1 Tanja D de Gruijl 1 
  • PMID: 33572396
  •     226 References
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Natural Killer (NK) cells are innate immune cells with the unique ability to recognize and kill virus-infected and cancer cells without prior immune sensitization. Due to their expression of the Fc receptor CD16, effector NK cells can kill tumor cells through antibody-dependent cytotoxicity, making them relevant players in antibody-based cancer therapies. The role of NK cells in other approved and experimental anti-cancer therapies is more elusive. Here, we review the possible role of NK cells in the efficacy of various anti-tumor therapies, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, as well as the impact of these therapies on NK cell function.

Keywords: NK cells; anti-cancer therapies; cancer; checkpoint inhibitors; chemotherapy; local ablation therapies; oncolytic virus; protein kinase inhibitors; radiotherapy.

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