. 2021 Feb; 48(8):2338-2350.
doi: 10.1007/s00259-021-05234-1.

Transpathology: molecular imaging-based pathology

Mei Tian 1 Xuexin He 2 Chentao Jin 3 Xiao He 3 Shuang Wu 3 Rui Zhou 3 Xiaohui Zhang 3 Kai Zhang 4 Weizhong Gu 5 Jing Wang 3 Hong Zhang 6 
  • PMID: 33585964
  •     115 References
  •     2 citations


Pathology is the medical specialty concerned with the study of the disease nature and causes, playing a key role in bridging basic researches and clinical medicine. In the course of development, pathology has significantly expanded our understanding of disease, and exerted enormous impact on the management of patients. However, challenges facing pathology, the inherent invasiveness of pathological practice and the persistent concerns on the sample representativeness, constitute its limitations. Molecular imaging is a noninvasive technique to visualize, characterize, and measure biological processes at the molecular level in living subjects. With the continuous development of equipment and probes, molecular imaging has enabled an increasingly precise evaluation of pathophysiological changes. A new pathophysiology visualization system based on molecular imaging is forming and shows the great potential to reform the pathological practice. Several improvements in "trans-," including trans-scale, transparency, and translation, would be driven by this new kind of pathological practice. Pathological changes could be evaluated in a trans-scale imaging mode; tissues could be transparentized to better present the underlying pathophysiological information; and the translational processes of basic research to the clinical practice would be better facilitated. Thus, transpathology would greatly facilitate in deciphering the pathophysiological events in a multiscale perspective, and supporting the precision medicine in the future.

Keywords: Digital pathology; Molecular imaging; Pathology; Transpathology.

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