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. 2021 Mar; 29(7):479-493.
doi: 10.1097/PAI.0000000000000930.

Quantitative Image Analysis for Tissue Biomarker Use: A White Paper From the Digital Pathology Association

Haydee Lara 1 Zaibo Li 2 Esther Abels 3 Famke Aeffner 4 Marilyn M Bui 5 Ehab A ElGabry 6 Cleopatra Kozlowski 7 Michael C Montalto 8 Anil V Parwani 2 Mark D Zarella 9 Douglas Bowman 10 David Rimm 11 Liron Pantanowitz 12 
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Tissue biomarkers have been of increasing utility for scientific research, diagnosing disease, and treatment response prediction. There has been a steady shift away from qualitative assessment toward providing more quantitative scores for these biomarkers. The application of quantitative image analysis has thus become an indispensable tool for in-depth tissue biomarker interrogation in these contexts. This white paper reviews current technologies being employed for quantitative image analysis, their application and pitfalls, regulatory framework demands, and guidelines established for promoting their safe adoption in clinical practice.

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