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. 2021 Mar; 33(4):e1569.
doi: 10.1590/0102-672020200004e1569.


Diogo Francesco Castoldi 1 Osvaldo Malafaia 1 Pedro Helo Dos Santos-Neto 2 Tatiana Varella Postiglioni 2 Cecilia Vasconcelos 3 Fabiola Past Bremer 4 Leticia Elizabeth Augustin Czeczko 3 Martin Gasser 5 Ana Maria Waaga-Gasser 6 Carmen Australia Paredes Marcondes Ribas 1 
  • PMID: 33759959
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Background: OPN ABCB5. Studies with biomarkers in TMA (tissue microarray) have been showing important results regarding its expression in colon cancer.

Aim: Correlate the expression profile of the OPN and ABCB5 biomarkers with the epidemiological and clinicopathological characteristics of the patients, the impact on the progression of the disease and the death.

Method: A total of 122 CRC patients who underwent surgical resection, immunomarking and their relationship with progression and death events were evaluated.

Result: The average age was 61.9 (±13.4) years. The cases were distributed in 42 (35.9%) in the ascending/transverse colon, 31 (26.5%) in the sigmoid, 27 in the rectum (23.1%), 17 (14.5%) in the descending colon. Most patients had advanced disease (stages III and IV) in 74 cases (60.9%). There was a predominance of moderately differentiated tumors in 101 samples (82.8%); despite this, the poorly differentiated subtype proved to be an independent risk factor for death in 70%. Metastasis to the liver proved to be an independent risk factor for death in 75% (18/24), as well as patients with primary rectal tumors in 81.5% (22/27).

Conclusion: The immunohistochemical expression of the OPN and ABCB5 markers was not associated with epidemiological and clinicopathological characteristics. Regarding the progression of disease and death, it was not possible to observe a correspondence relationship with the evaluated markers.

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