. 2021 Sep; 10(9):.
doi: 10.3390/cells10092364.

Bringing Macrophages to the Frontline against Cancer: Current Immunotherapies Targeting Macrophages

Mariana Reis-Sobreiro 1 Afonso Teixeira da Mota 1 Carolina Jardim 1 Karine Serre 1 
  • PMID: 34572013
  •     322 References


Macrophages are found in all tissues and display outstanding functional diversity. From embryo to birth and throughout adult life, they play critical roles in development, homeostasis, tissue repair, immunity, and, importantly, in the control of cancer growth. In this review, we will briefly detail the multi-functional, protumoral, and antitumoral roles of macrophages in the tumor microenvironment. Our objective is to focus on the ever-growing therapeutic opportunities, with promising preclinical and clinical results developed in recent years, to modulate the contribution of macrophages in oncologic diseases. While the majority of cancer immunotherapies target T cells, we believe that macrophages have a promising therapeutic potential as tumoricidal effectors and in mobilizing their surroundings towards antitumor immunity to efficiently limit cancer progression.

Keywords: antitumor functions; macrophages; myeloid-targeted therapies; reprogramming.

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