. 2021 Oct; :.
doi: 10.1038/s41379-021-00929-0.

Integrating digital pathology into clinical practice

Matthew G Hanna 1 Orly Ardon 2 Victor E Reuter 2 Christine England 2 David S Klimstra 2 Meera R Hameed 3 
  • PMID: 34599281
  •     86 References


The field of anatomic pathology has been evolving in the last few decades and the advancements have been largely fostered by innovative technology. Immunohistochemistry enabled a paradigm shift in discovery and diagnostic evaluation, followed by booming genomic advancements which allowed for submicroscopic pathologic characterization, and now the field of digital pathology coupled with machine learning and big data acquisition is paving the way to revolutionize the pathology medical domain. Whole slide imaging (WSI) is a disruptive technology where glass slides are digitized to produce on-screen whole slide images. Specifically, in the past decade, there have been significant advances in digital pathology systems that have allowed this technology to promote integration into clinical practice. Whole slide images (WSI), or digital slides, can be viewed and navigated comparable to glass slides on a microscope, as digital files. Whole slide imaging has increased in adoption among pathologists, pathology departments, and scientists for clinical, educational, and research initiatives. Integration of digital pathology systems requires a coordinated effort with numerous stakeholders, not only within the pathology department, but across the entire enterprise. Each pathology department has distinct needs, use cases and blueprints, however the framework components and variables for successful clinical integration can be generalized across any organization seeking to undergo a digital transformation at any scale. This article will review those components and considerations for integrating digital pathology systems into clinical practice.

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