. 2022 Mar; 22(1):e4.
doi: 10.4110/in.2022.22.e4.

Development of Bispecific Antibody for Cancer Immunotherapy: Focus on T Cell Engaging Antibody

Dain Moon 1 Nara Tae 2 Yunji Park 3 Seung-Woo Lee 1 Dae Hee Kim 4 
  • PMID: 35291652
  •     117 References


In the era of immunotherapeutic control of cancers, many advances in biotechnology, especially in Ab engineering, have provided multiple new candidates as therapeutic immuno-oncology modalities. Bispecific Abs (BsAbs) that recognize 2 different antigens in one molecule are promising drug candidates and have inspired an upsurge in research in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry. Among several BsAbs, T cell engaging BsAb (TCEB), a new class of therapeutic agents designed to simultaneously bind to T cells and tumor cells via tumor cell specific antigens in immunotherapy, is the most promising BsAb. Herein, we are providing an overview of the current status of the development of TCEBs. The diverse formats and characteristics of TCEBs, in addition to the functional mechanisms of BsAbs are discussed. Several aspects of a new TCEB-Blinatumomab-are reviewed, including the current clinical data, challenges of patient treatment, drawbacks regarding toxicities, and resistance of TCEB therapy. Development of the next generation of TCEBs is also discussed in addition to the comparison of TCEB with current chimeric antigen receptor-T therapy.

Keywords: Adverse effects; Bispecific antibodies; Blinatumomab; Cancer immunotherapy; Chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy; T cell engager.

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