. 2022 Apr; 14(8):.
doi: 10.3390/cancers14081913.

The Role of Myeloid Cells in Hepatotoxicity Related to Cancer Immunotherapy

Cathrin L C Gudd 1 Lucia A Possamai 2 
  • PMID: 35454819
  •     167 References


Drug-related hepatotoxicity is an emerging clinical challenge with the widening use of immunotherapeutic agents in the field of oncology. This is an important complication to consider as more immune oncological targets are being identified to show promising results in clinical trials. The application of these therapeutics may be complicated by the development of immune-related adverse events (irAEs), a serious limitation often requiring high-dose immunosuppression and discontinuation of cancer therapy. Hepatoxicity presents one of the most frequently encountered irAEs and a better understanding of the underlying mechanism is crucial for the development of alternative therapeutic interventions. As a novel drug side effect, the immunopathogenesis of the condition is not completely understood. In the liver, myeloid cells play a central role in the maintenance of homeostasis and promotion of inflammation. Recent research has identified myeloid cells to be associated with hepatic adverse events of various immune modulatory monoclonal antibodies. In this review article, we provide an overview of the role of myeloid cells in the immune pathogenesis during hepatoxicity related to cancer immunotherapies and highlight potential treatment options.

Keywords: cancer; hepatotoxicity; immune-related adverse event; immunotherapy; myeloid cells.

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